Other Geosynthetics

We at TSE also supply the following geosynthetic materials:


UNIAXIAL Geogrids are specially designed for soil reinforcement. These grids are manufactured with the highest quality of high-density Polyethylene resins from the process of extruding and longitudinal stretching.
BIAXIALGeogrids are specially designed for soil reinforcement. These grids are manufactured with the highest quality of high-density Polyethylene resins from the process of extruding and longitudinal stretching.

We also supply geogrids manufactured from high-tenacity polyester with polymeric coating. 

Applications: Retaining Walls Reinforcement; Steep Slope Reinforcement;  Slope Reinforcement in Landfills; Embankment Stabilisation; Subgrade Stabilisation; Construction of Roads and Railways

Woven Geotextiles:

Geotextiles made of polypropylene tapes and split fiber yarns are used for separation, filtration and reinforcement of soils in a variety of civil construction applications.

The advantages of using woven geotextiles include:

High resistance to chemicals in soils, acid and alkalai earth (pH 0-14)
High level of microbiological resistance
High level of UV light resistance
Suitable for reinforcement of fine-grained soil
High resistance to damage during installation
Increases the safety and stability of embankments
Reduction in the volume of earthworks 


TSE supplies a wide variety of geocomposites ithe applications of soil reinforcements, drainage and erosion control. Contact us with your request, and our sales team can find the solution for your needs. 


TSE stocks and supplies cellular confinement systems made from high-density Polyethylene. 

Application: Soil Stabilization; Slope Protection; Erosion Control

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